Monday, October 29, 2007

Mentioned in FHM...

A friend told me that this blogsite is mentioned in FHM's June issue. I immediately got my copy and scanned the pages. And here it is...

The write up is a part of the "Rock n Roll Joyride" article sponsored by Red Horse. It's subtitle is "BISROCK, CEBU'S BEST PRODUCT SINCE YOYOY VILLAME". This is what the article said:

On the surface, Cebu bands dabble in pretty much the same sounds as their Manila counterparts. But the crucial difference is how they reproduce their sound in an album. In that part of the game Cebuanos trample the competition. Case in point, Urbandub. "When we went to the studio where Urbandub recorded their albums, the equipment were antiquated," enthused Sandwich guitarist Diego Castillo. "It's amazing how they got their amazing sound."

You can credit that to their reps as a musical town courtesy of their guitar-makers, or heck just Yoyoy being there, but it is quite obvious the sound of Cebu is globally competent.

At the end of the article this blogsite is mentioned...

Fast Pitch Wallpapers

Stuff for your desktop...

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First Of Summer

The video of the second single off of Urbandub's EMI release, EMBRACE. Directed by Marie Jamora.

Download here...

Urbandub Photos

Photo Taken by Charles Buenconsejo

BAYBEATS 2007, Singapore

Urbandub - Frailty

This is the fourth video for the single Frailty off of Urbandub's album Embrace. Thanks to Blue Rain Media for this amazing video. Directed by Pancho Esquerra.

Download here...

Natal Cleft Posters

Nice posters from Natal Cleft's Myspace profile...check them out...

Perverted ELite

Nag sugod ang tanan sa wa na nako nahinumdumi og kanus-a to. basta...
Salamat kaau kang Leoman og boxer og sa don jalfman og sa Headroom studio production sa tabang og record nila kanamo.

Salamat d.i sa RaMONITO "Oni" aia nga amo manager!!!sa DON JALFMAN(sir.boxer aldwin,Leoman, Faizel, jeward,donde,)...3 hours band,jim2x and the imburnal kidz,crownroyale,tymlimit, this way band, BUkid alternative, Headroom studio...og sa tanan banda sa tibook kailibutan... kung wala sila, wala sad ta!wala kitang tanan..busa pakpak...huhuhuh,

NB: Gikan ni sa ilang myspace account
Band Members
Hiroshi - Vox
Jing2x - Guitar
Chito - TamboL2x
Mykee - Bahista
Jess - Lead guitar

09224865730 (SuN)
09058533580 (TM)

Links @ Jamroom

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Missing Filemon Music Video

At last!!! sembreak na...kabalik na jud tawon kog post diri...hekhek...check this new missing filemon music vid of their song "Sine-sine"...Directed and Photographed by Ruel Dahis Antipuesto
Edited by Jerrold Tarog

Production Crew:
Donna Gimeno, Victor Villanueva, Tessa Villegas, Winston Cabico, Carlito Nocete Jr.