Monday, December 17, 2007

If you you are looking for almost complete and latest infos about the local rock and indie music scene you got no other local site to visit but Here's a preview of a bisrock article I found there...

Smooth Friction - The Underrated Hit

Exploring Smooth Friction’s musical catalogue, in chronological order, is like a psychiatrist watching the transformation of a garden variety recidivist into a howling psycho killer - one can’t help but get amazed at how brilliant the metamorphosis is taking in action. Every genre-bending record they put out is a testament to their peerless craftsmanship unhinged of any musical pigeonholing. Be it their playful brand of orgasmic jazz-rock-blues fusion(2001’s Oh Yeah! and 2003’s 2nd Coming) to the death metal concept album(2007’s Kinasing-kasing nga Halad) delivered in a subtle deadpan manner, Smooth Friction, the supercombo quartet that every Cebu scenester highly reveres, is definitely on an artistic league of their own.

Check the rest of the article here...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The AmbaNEWS


The Ambassadors is currently working on new songs and they want your feedback when they upload some of it. Dowloadable raw songs will be available soon, they hope you can give your feedback. =)

Please check out their new AMP address for more songs, visit and also you can now email them at their official email address -

Enchi MP3s

Here are some sample songs from Enchi. You can download it by clicking this link.










Sunday, November 11, 2007

Alert The Armory

Urbandub's third album EMBRACE; Alert The Armory was directed by Lee Nadela of Slapshock fame. It was shot at the EMI offices with projectors, lotsa lights and, obviously, a lot of darkness. Mayday! Mayday!


Thursday, November 08, 2007

To all posers out there...

A true lover of music appreciates different genres. A poser is one who picks one genre to support and rejects the musical merits of the others. Or to be closer to home, a fake is one who loves rock music but shuts his ears to a song if it is written in Cebuano, no questions asked.

Read the rest of the article here.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Mentioned in FHM...

A friend told me that this blogsite is mentioned in FHM's June issue. I immediately got my copy and scanned the pages. And here it is...

The write up is a part of the "Rock n Roll Joyride" article sponsored by Red Horse. It's subtitle is "BISROCK, CEBU'S BEST PRODUCT SINCE YOYOY VILLAME". This is what the article said:

On the surface, Cebu bands dabble in pretty much the same sounds as their Manila counterparts. But the crucial difference is how they reproduce their sound in an album. In that part of the game Cebuanos trample the competition. Case in point, Urbandub. "When we went to the studio where Urbandub recorded their albums, the equipment were antiquated," enthused Sandwich guitarist Diego Castillo. "It's amazing how they got their amazing sound."

You can credit that to their reps as a musical town courtesy of their guitar-makers, or heck just Yoyoy being there, but it is quite obvious the sound of Cebu is globally competent.

At the end of the article this blogsite is mentioned...

Fast Pitch Wallpapers

Stuff for your desktop...

Click here for more...

First Of Summer

The video of the second single off of Urbandub's EMI release, EMBRACE. Directed by Marie Jamora.

Download here...

Urbandub Photos

Photo Taken by Charles Buenconsejo

BAYBEATS 2007, Singapore

Urbandub - Frailty

This is the fourth video for the single Frailty off of Urbandub's album Embrace. Thanks to Blue Rain Media for this amazing video. Directed by Pancho Esquerra.

Download here...

Natal Cleft Posters

Nice posters from Natal Cleft's Myspace profile...check them out...

Perverted ELite

Nag sugod ang tanan sa wa na nako nahinumdumi og kanus-a to. basta...
Salamat kaau kang Leoman og boxer og sa don jalfman og sa Headroom studio production sa tabang og record nila kanamo.

Salamat d.i sa RaMONITO "Oni" aia nga amo manager!!!sa DON JALFMAN(sir.boxer aldwin,Leoman, Faizel, jeward,donde,)...3 hours band,jim2x and the imburnal kidz,crownroyale,tymlimit, this way band, BUkid alternative, Headroom studio...og sa tanan banda sa tibook kailibutan... kung wala sila, wala sad ta!wala kitang tanan..busa pakpak...huhuhuh,

NB: Gikan ni sa ilang myspace account
Band Members
Hiroshi - Vox
Jing2x - Guitar
Chito - TamboL2x
Mykee - Bahista
Jess - Lead guitar

09224865730 (SuN)
09058533580 (TM)

Links @ Jamroom

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Missing Filemon Music Video

At last!!! sembreak na...kabalik na jud tawon kog post diri...hekhek...check this new missing filemon music vid of their song "Sine-sine"...Directed and Photographed by Ruel Dahis Antipuesto
Edited by Jerrold Tarog

Production Crew:
Donna Gimeno, Victor Villanueva, Tessa Villegas, Winston Cabico, Carlito Nocete Jr.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Mag ROCKRAKAN 'ta sa UP... August 10,
2007, 6:00 PM at the UP


naay dance showdown..." indigay sa

ug adunay rampahan... "pagpakita sa UP

naa pa diay singing
showdown... "kantahan na"

di nato kalimtan ang band
showdown... "rakrak"

ug uban pa...

Mag-uban-uban ta sa Cook-out... I block
nana sa schedule... August
10, 2007 sa UP Cebu College Grounds.

With some guest bands: (list given by
Paolo Varela)

------------ --------- --------- -------
Pelican St.

------------ --------- --------- -------

For UPV Cebu College Students, please
bring your ID or recent FORM 5
for identification.
For non-UP students, tickets are sold
at Php 40.00 each.

Cook-out 2007 is brought to you by the
UPV Cebu College Student
Council( UPVCC-SC), the Unified Student
Organizations (UNISO) and
the Production Team.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Guys, as a support for a friend of mine...please vote for DYSFUNCTION at Handuraw Awards. Here's an excerpt from their profile in myspace.

"DYSFUNCTION could mean a lot of things... things which we wouldn't want to mention here for fear of alienating or embarrassing those who suffer from it... but we aren't talking about clinical Dysfunction here... this is about The Band...

We're just a bunch of guys with varied musical tastes who found out that the other had unused instruments at home( Carlo's)... So out of sheer necessity and lack of other things to do, we decided to name ourselves......


Dysfunction because of the fact that at first we never really knew what we were about. Dysfunction because one way or the other one or two of our original members would find ways not to be there when needed.....

The band was officially formed after the two original members, ourselves( CARLO the bassist and TONYO (Anthony),the frontman decided that they needed to get serious and decided to invite the current lead guitarist to play with them.....

Dominic, who had a sabbatical from playing after his former bandmate ( Butch Gamos- Urban Traffic) decided that married life is far more interesting, proved to be the key to the image of this band......"

Check their page here and vote for them here.


Please vote for MISSING FILEMON and DYSFUNCTION as your favorite artists or bands at
http://www.handuraw .com/awards/

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Chilling Out with Missing Filemon at Bantayan Island

in order: with the guitarist, drummer, lead guitarist, and the vox...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Missing Filemon's Remaining Summer Gig Skeds

  • MAY 30 - HANDURAW (handuraw awards)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Faspitch Plays PULP Summer Slam and Tours Southeast Asia!

Catch Faspitch as they join the Invasia Southeast Asian Rock Tour starting in April, running throughout the month of May in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand; culminating in one concert to remember in Singapore!

Faspitch will be touring alongside fellow Filipino rock band Chicosci, Furcurve (Australia), LoveMeButch (Malaysia), A Vacant Affair (Singapore), and Brand New Sunset (Thailand).

Invasia: The 1st Southeast Asian Rock Tour kicked off at Mayrics on April 11 2007. It continues on the following dates and places:

April 27 2007: RNB Bar, Metrowalk (with LoveMeButch, Chicosci, Hilera, ImbueNoKudos, and The Ambassadors)

[April 28 2007: PULP SUMMER SLAM]

May 24 2007: Manila, Philippines

May 26 2007: Bangkok, Thailand

May 30 2007: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

May 31 2007: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Crossing Borders Concert)

June 2 2007: Singapore (with international bands ANBERLIN and COPELAND)

Faspitch is set to rock Southeast Asia in the next few months so stay logged on to get more updates on Faspitch and the Invasia Southeast Asian Rock Tour! For more details on the tour, check out the following sites:

Friday, April 06, 2007


Watch out for Summer's BIGGEST SONIC BOOM ever!

On April 18, 2007 (Wednesday) 8PM, Red Horse Beer, Pony and No Fear
presents SONIC BOOM with US 90's Punk Act - NOFX and Hong Kong's
Hardcore – KING LY CHEE at the Amoranto Theater Hall Quezon City
Philippines (beside Amoranto Stadium) with the Sound of the Giant

Php500.00 with 2 Red Horse Beers plus a limited premium giveaway.


Tickets will be sold at the gate starting 6PM, First Come, First

So make sure to be early and experience the rock event opener
for the Summer.

This is total Monthly Mobile Music Mayhem.

Presented to you by: Red Horse Beer ITO ANG TAMA / Pony / No Fear
Media Partners: PULP Magazine / NU107 / MTV Philippines / Anthem
Magazine /

This Event is affiliated with Lighter Press, Lighter Records and PAPS

For more info on the event, please visit
www.myspace. com/sonicboomphi lippines or
http://sonicboomphi lippines. multiply. com

For Band info, log on to:
NOFX – nofx
KING LY CHEE - kinglychee
URBANDUB – urbandub
FASPITCH – faspitch
THE AMBASSADORS - theambassadors

Monday, March 26, 2007

One Man Down

One Man Down is a work in progress of three musicians from the Queen City of the south. The band started out way back '97-98 and used to be known as Negative Ska. After getting support and recognition in the local punk scene the band decided to record their first album which was produced by Gumer of Happy Days. Unfortunately, the original drummer had to leave the band which put the Negative Ska album on hold indefinitely.

After a month in hiatus the band hired veteran Drummer Englebert (stickshift, 5 yr. suicide) and thus One Man Down was born. Armed with new songs injected with the metal roots and technical know-how of the new drummer, Heavier, more technical, more aggressive straight in your face combination of melodic punk, hardcore and ska. The trio is back with a vengeance. A new sound for the southern underground!

Band Members
Daryl: Guitars, Vox
Eng2x: Drums
Xtian: Bass

Suicide machines, Greenday, Authority Zero, Operation Ivy, Rancid, Alkaline trio, The Specials, The Chinkees, MxPx, Bad Religion, The Ramones, Rxbandits, Shrapnel, Left OF Center, The ambassadors, Six Flag Ahead, PipeBombLandMines, Faith no more, Skidrow, Megadeth, The Clash, Vision of Disorder

Type of Label: Indie


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sonic Boom in Cebu

On March 17 Saturday, SONIC BOOM: Manila will be at Club O (formerly Dish) ABS-CBN Complex QC with performances by URBANDUB, DICTA LICENSE, TYPECAST, HILERA, THE AMBASSADORS, SWITCH, THE OUT OF BODY SPECIAL and TAKEN BY CARS! So make sure to be there!

On March 30 Friday, SONIC BOOM: Cebu will be at Club Royale Concourse with performances by URBANDUB, FASPITCH, THE AMBASSADORS, STILL, PELICAN STREET and THE LINE DIVIDES! Also DJ Duo TECHISOBA VS. MIDI OK! So make sure to be there!

SONIC BOOM is music community. A production. Bringing in music; independent, mainstream and experimental. Providing an experience; fresh, new but addictive. It's an explosion of sound. It's a statement. We'll be around. We'll make noise. We shall be heard. Did you see this coming? No? But you're definitely gonna hear the BOOM!

Sonic Boom Gig this April 18

April, 18 2007 at SONIC BOOM with NOFX and King Ly Chee - Limited Tickets Only, Reserve Now! Amoranto Theater Hall, beside Amoranto Stadium, Amoranto Theater Hall, Quezon City, Cost : Php500 with 2 Beers.

SONIC BOOM with NOFX (US) and KING LYCHEE (Hongkong) with guest performers: URBANDUB, THE AMBASSADORS and FASPITCH!


For Ticket Reservations and inquiries, email or text 091762SONIC (09176276642)
- For More Info on the event, visit

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Urbandub--The Sound Of The Giant South

The Sound Of The Giant South is gaining more recognition around the nation like never before. At the forefront of the whole movement is a band that has a record that surpasses most bands than that of the bands that have come out of the Queen City of Cebu. They are none other than Urbandub.

From the very first day that this band was formed (in the year 2000), they were destined to be something more than the ordinary. Forced to be independent due to the lack of support coming from major record companies, Urbandub released their debut album called BIRTH. Off of this album, the hit tracks "Come", "Give" and "Would You Go" launched and took their world by storm. Unique, timely and yet experimental, it was something that entertainment scenes around the Philippines needed: a kick start into the future of original music.

With the release of their sophomore effort, INFLUENCE (Lighter Records), Urbandub took on a new form, changing their sound with a new drummer (From Jed Honrado to Jerros Dolino). It was the sound in this album that clearly defined the steps that Urbandub would start to take. The track "Soul Searching" later won the award as Best Song of the Year in the NU107 Rock Awards 2003. Pushing the sound further, the collection bagged the Album Of The Year Award in the NU107 Rock Awards 2004.

Today, Urbandub now offers yet a third helping of what they are capable of. With the 2005 release of the album EMBRACE, Urbandub has proven that there is hope for the struggling artist. With help from their community and the noise they have created, they were able to grab the attention of EMI Music Philippines. Not one to take chances, the band has kept Lighter Records as their management arm and guide. In line with their ideals, EMI allowed them the creative freedom to record their album on their home soil of Cebu. Added to that, they have been able to maintain their independent principles while taking major steps into the scene that has awaited their new sound.

Urbandub is Gabby Alipe (Vocalist / Guitarist), Lalay Lim (Bassist), John Mendoza (Drummer) and John Dinopol (Lead Guitarist).

Urbandubs career thus far has given much inspiration and support to upcoming acts, most of which fall under the Lighter Records stable such as Faspitch, The Ambassadors, Still, Nuncyspungen (Cagayan) and Point Click Kill (Ilo Ilo). Each of them now aspire to take their own roads in music, paving their own way and modeling some of their steps after the success of Urbandub.


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Singles from faspitch, Point Click Kill, Urbandub, Nuncyspungen, and The Ambassadors

These are from the lighter records site in

Download their singles here...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sonic Boom, February 24 @ Handuraw!

Sonic Boom, February 24 @ Handuraw!

Are you all set for the next Sonic Boom? Check it out as it hits the stage in Handuraw on February 24, Saturday at 9pm!

Rock out with Sheila & The Insects, Picture Filled, The Ambassadors, Incoherent, Pelican Street and Faspitch! It's only 150 bucks to get in plus you get a swig of beer so we hope to see you at the gig.

Rock and Roll! It's Sonic Boom: Monthly. Mobile. Music. Mayhem.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

NURSING by Indephums

NURSING by Indephums

Hey bisrockers...been a long time that I haven't updated this friggin' blog. I've been busy with work. Anyways, the bisrock scene is gettin' hotter and hotter and one of the hottest bisrock bands in town is no other than here's one of their famous songs...

NURSING (indephums)

kani-adtong uyab pa tang duha
pinangga kaayo tika
wa ko mag toong kalit kang ma-usab
kay naa di ai kay laing uyab
pagkalisod jud ni ining gugma
kung mapul-an na e-etsapwera
ayo ayo nalang sa imong bag-o karon
ug hinaot unta ikaw panggaon ug tarungon
hangtud sa inyong kaminyo-on
milabay ang mga adlaw mauwaw kanaku motanaw
basig guilty ka nga naa kay kabit
wala man ta tika taga-ig pasakit
pagkalisod jud ni ining gugma
kung mapol-an na e-etsapwera
chorus (balak)
refrain : chorus2x

For gigs and invites just contact: +63-921-269-6235 and look for Dong