Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sonic Boom on December 20 @ Gweilos and Techisoba Vs. Midi OK visits Manila

Sonic Boom on December 20 @ Gweilos!

We want to give you the chance to celebrate with us before we all kick it with our families for the Christmas vacation. So check out this months Sonic Boom, set to happen on December 20 at Gweilos Bar in Eastwood, Libis!

Rock the night away with TypeCast, Dicta License, Hilera, Urbandub, Subscapular and The Dorques! The gig starts at around 9pm, we all hope to see you there!

Do join the Sonic Boom Community as well on the following website:

www.myspace. com/sonicboomphi lippines

You bring a friend and we'll bring the experience!

Techisoba Vs. Midi OK visits Manila

Techisoba Vs. Midi OK! are flying into Manila today and will be there until December 24.

They are there on a special project that I can't talk about right now but you might be able to catch them making rounds over at the Sonic Boom night on December 20.

Will they be performing? It's doubtful since they are there to work on polishing their skills, mixing and mastering their upcoming album and that secret project I mentioned earlier.

That's the update on the electronica duo from Cebu. We do hope that you can catch up with them during their stay there and who knows? A surprise performance perhaps? If they are not too busy working hopefully.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Vote for Frailty and Download the Urbandub / Dicta License Ringback Tune!

Vote for Frailty!

Request or vote for Urbandubs single Frailty on NU107 and on the MYX
Pinoy Countdown! It's simple.

For NU107 listeners, text the following:

and send to 29107

For MYX Viewers, text the following:

and send to 2366

Let's send the single up through the charts! Dubistas unite!

Download the Urbandub / Dicta License Ringback Tune!

Now you can download the Ringback Tune to the track Future by Urbandub and Dicta License! Better still, this is available to Globe, Smart and Sun subscribers!

Just key in the following on your mobiles:


NOTE: UNDERSCORE is the symbol not the word.

Globe Subscribers: Send to 2219
Sun Subscribers: Send to 2823
Smart Subscribers: Send to 668

Thanks! Make your phone rock out with this cool new ringback tune today!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Faspitch: Handuraw's Artist Of The Month!

Faspitch: Handuraw's Artist Of The Month!

We are more than ecstatic to tell you that Faspitch has been chosen as Handuraw's Artist of the Month for December! This is quite an honor as they close off the great year of 2006!

We invite you all to celebrate this occasion with us on December 8 (Friday) 2006. Join us at Handuraw in Mabolo and witness excellent performances by: Still, Pelican Street, The Line Divides, The Ambassadors, Detached and Faspitch!

It'll only be Php120 to get in and I believe that comes with the usual beer or pizza, so come down and rock out with some of the best in Cebu!



Because of the uncivilized behavior of some of our fellow surfers I decided to turn off the shout box. Yes, you all have the rights to criticize...the only thing is you cannot do it here in my blog...because this is MY blog...I advice you to make your own anti-bisrock blog and shout there all stupid insults you could muster.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Faspitch Manila trip delayed!

Faspitch Manila trip delayed!

Reports of the recent typhoon in Manila forced Faspitch to re-schedule their December trip. They will not be able to play on the December 1 concert they were scheduled for but they will be flying over on December 2.

All fans and new listeners of Faspitch can catch the band on December 2 at Al’s Bar in Paranaque and on Monday, December 4 at Temple Bar in Makati with Malaysia rock act Love Me Butch.

Thank you for your love, patience and support for the bands!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Urbandub at the NU107 Rock Awards!

Urbandub at the NU107 Rock Awards!

We would like to thank everybody who has supported Urbandub and their album Embrace so far. The band, their songs and album have been nominated for various categories in this years NU107 Rock Awards!

We hope that we see you all there, it's going to be one rocked out night!

Here are the categories that Urbandub has been nominated in:

Vocalist Of The Year – Gabby Alipe
Guitarist Of The Year – John Dinopol
Bassist Of The Year – Lalay Lim
Drummer Of The Year – John Mendoza
Song Of The Year – First Of Summer
Artist Of The Year – Urbandub
Album Of The Year – Embrace
Best Album Packaging – Embrace by Kahlil De Pio
Producer of the Year – Kerryl Demeterio for Embrace
Best Male Award – Gabby Alipe

This wouldn't have been possible without all of Urbandub's loyal listeners and their ever-strong Dubista fan base! See you at the awards!

Point Click Kill nominated for NU Rock Awards!

Point Click Kill nominated for NU Rock Awards!

We have great news for all PCK fans out there. The band would like to thank all of you for showing your support for their music!

They have been nominated as one of the top 5 for NU107's In The Raw Award. This is for the 2006 NU107 Rock Awards. What makes this really special is that they are now officially the first independent Ilonggo band that has been nominated for a category in the Rock Awards. The guys can't get over it and are really appreciative.

On behalf of the band, we would like to thank you again for the love and support you have shown Point Click Kill.

For more information about the band, do check out the following sites:

http://www.point- click-kill.

http://www.myspace. com/pck

http://pointclickki ll.multiply. com

http://lighterrecor ds.multiply. com

Tuesday, October 31, 2006



Hello everyone!!! Join us on November 8, 2006
for the It's A Guy Thing GRAND EYEBALL PARTY
Mugen Bar in Metrowalk, kindly print out both front
and back invitations located on this url "
http://www.friendst". This will
serve as your VIP pass. And make our OBB theme song "SMILE" by THE
AMBASSADORS number one on MYX chart
just txt in: myx(space)vote( space)smile
and send to 2366 (for all networks)




click this url for additional details: com/watch? v=auybEnYuLac

Tuesday, October 24, 2006



I had a drink with my friends last night at Handuraw. The entrance is free since only neophyte bands were playing. I kinda enjoyed some songs but some are too lousy...Anyways, I was kinda surprised when I entered the "bisrock" term at and they gave me a result. I used to search that term before but only gave me links but now they give me a concrete definition of the term "bisrock". So here it is...

BisRock refers to the Cebuano rock music industry. The term comes from the words Bisaya ('our own') and 'rock' (for rock music).
The term was coined by Januar E. Yap, a Cebuano writer, in 2002. It was first applied to Missing Filemon's first album.


The use of the Cebuano language by Cebu-based bands has never been popular due to the predominance of Tagalog and English songs even in the playlists of Cebu-based FM radio stations. Urbandub, Sheila and the Insects, The Ambassadors and Cueshé are some of the Cebuano rock bands which have gained national fame yet didn't release a Cebuano single. Certainly, the use of Cebuano was not the path to national fame.
Against this unwritten rule, some Cebuano rock bands started popularizing rock songs using the Cebuano language. Among these bands are the following:

* Aggressive Audio
* Blood of the Stone
* Gangrene
* Glass of Dirt
* Indephums
* Jimmycycle
* Mantequilla
* Missing Filemon
* Phylum
* Scrambled Eggs
* Timeslot

93.1 Smash FM helped these budding bands by featuring their songs on-air.
The popularity of BisRock is attributed by Januar Yap to the reaction of Cebuanos against the claims of the Cebu Pop Music Festival.


It is a common misconception that BisRock bands are just after the popularity and they are willing to distribute their songs even by pirate networks. However, from their web sites available on the net, it is obvious that they are trying to sell their CDs through legitimate channels.

All of these stores are located in the City of Cebu

* MANU, 2nd floor, Elizabeth Mall
* A. Salonga, Lower Ground Floor, SM City Cebu
* JB Music, 3rd Floor, SM City Cebu


BisRock lyrics are considered by some to be without literary value. Basic grammatical rules are also disregarded.

Yap has this to say about the criticisms of BisRock:
"Kill all the critics. Or let them compose their own songs. Seriously, that's not even the issue now. What is important is the young's burgeoning interest to make songs in their own language. That is for me magical. Every now and then, there will be some of them who'll be dishing out songs with a literary flair. In fact, that's happening now. Literary value and grammar? Oh, hell, let the critics reread Frank Sinatra or Air Supply."


* The Ambassadors' Simple Changes did contain one song (Ulipon) in Cebuano, but this was a hidden track attached after one of the album's regular songs. You have to scan carefully the small print on the cover to find the title of the song.

* Junior Kilat's Budoy s Ako si M-16 during the grand opening night of Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. (However, strictly speaking, Budoy and Junior Kilat is not part of BisRock, but of an earlier--if not separate--movement in Cebuano music which is called RnB for Reggae na Bisaya.)


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sonic Boom on October 21

It's time for another Sonic Boom chapter to happen, so check it out as it hits 6 Underground in Makati on October 21!

Sonic Boom is a nationwide series of concerts that happens once a month in Manila, Cebu and IloIlo. In the future, we hope to bring this concert to more places in the Philippines so that bands have a concert and a venue to perform their original music!

So keep it logged here for more information on Sonic Boom: Monthly. Mobile. Music. Mayhem.

Also make sure to join us on Yahoo so that you can keep update on Sonic Boom gigs:

http://launch. com/group/ sonicboomphilipp ines/

We all hope to see you at the gigs!

On October 21 @ 6 Underground, the following bands will be rocking their socks off:

Dicta License
Imbue No Kudos
The Ambassadors

This is something you don't want to miss! CD's, shirts and other merchandise will also be sold at the gig venue. Tell all your friends, classmates, officemates and people you just met! See you all at Sonic Boom!

Friday, October 06, 2006

FASPITCH: MTV’s Rising Star of October!

Great news for those of you who stay stuck on the tube! MTV has chosen Faspitch to be their Rising Star for the whole month of October! So expect lots of cool news and performances by Faspitch on MTV. Just tune in and get their appearance schedules from there!

Also in October, Faspitch is going to be quite busy gigging around and so we invite all of you to experience the band first-hand at some of the following dates and venues:

Oct. 4, 2006 - Wed – WBOB Semi-finals @ Davao

Oct. 5, 2006 - Thu – WBOB Finals @ Mall Of Asia

Oct. 18, 2006 - Wed - Saguijo Cafe, Guijo St. Makati

Oct. 19, 2006 - Thu - Mayrics, España Manila

Oct. 20, 2006 - Fri - Motorsports Alley, Katipunan Ave. Q.C.

Oct. 21, 2006 - Sat - 6 Underground, C. Palanca St. Makati

Oct. 25, 2006 - Wed - Mugen Bar, Metrowalk Ortigas

Oct. 26, 2006 - Thu - Purple Haze, Tomas Morato Ave. Q.C.

Oct. 27, 2006 - Fri - Al's Bar, Aguirre St. B.F. Homes, Paranaque

Oct. 28, 2006 - Sat - Capones, Valero St. Makati

Hope to see you all at the gigs and we hope that you can also catch the guys on MTV Philippines.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Faspitch tours!

With the recent announcement of Faspitch being in the top 3 for the World Battle of the bands, we have been given the great opportunity to plot out some gigs for the band as they visit the capital of Manila. We would like to thank everybody in Manila for embracing the Faspitch sound.

Now we want to invite you to experience Faspitch and to share the unique feeling of what it’s like getting your freak on while they rock on stage! So check out the schedule below and, as always, we hope to you at the gigs!

Faspitch will be playing on these dates and at the following venues:

September 23 6 Underground Manila

September 28 Club Pump, Cebu,

September 29 The Venue, Davao

September 30 Zimbals Bar along Magsaysay Drive, Olongapo City.

October 5 SM Mall of Asia Music Hall (WBOB Grand Finals Night)

October 18 Saguijo Makati

October 19 Mayrics Espana

October 20 Motorsports Alley

October 21 6 Underground, Makati (SONIC BOOM)

October 25 Mugen Metrowalk, Ortigas (TENTATIVE)

October 26 Purple Haze, Tomas Morato

October 27 Al’s Bar, Alabang / Breakfast Club (TENTATIVE)

October 28 Capones, Makati (TENTATIVE)

We really hope that you can check out Faspitch perform on those dates at the gigs! Do keep it logged here for updates just in case there are any changes to the schedule.

Learn more about Faspitch on the following sites:

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Something is wrong with Insoy's site

Hey bisrockers! I've been busy for these past few weeks...Don't have enough updates 'bout the bisrock scene...I was quite shock when I visited Insoy's page and was greeted by such kinda message...Anyone who have some ideas what happened? Sorry for my lack of infos...Ehmmn, anyways for those who are requesting for bisrock songs...there're actually teasers on the right side of this blog that you can download for free. Ehmmn...teasers only KAY BASIN MAKASAB-AN NYA TA...

So long...


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Faspitch Videos

Text VOTE FASPITCH and send to 286 com/watch? v=ItZSSEr6wzw& mode=related& search= com/watch? v=H77bwa- ZF9w&mode= related&search= com/watch? v=rmiWvUqdarQ& mode=related& search= com/watch? v=dIjFOo48YGY& mode=related& search=

Vote now! Smart Subscribers only.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Ambassador's August Gig Skeds

The Ambassador's August Gig Skeds

  1. Gweilo's Eastwood
Eastwood City Walk
Fuente Circle, Eastwood Citywalk 2
188 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue
Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City
Aug. 16, WED- 9 PM
Ticket price: Php 120
Aug. 18, FRI- 9 PM, benefit concert for street children.
(Bands: Juanpablo, Chicosci, The Automatics, Ang Bandang Shirley, Alak Pa, Winnford, The Ambassadors)
Ticket price: Php 150
Aug. 30, WED -9 PM
Ticket price: Php 120
  1. 70's Bistro
46 Anonas
Project 2
Quezon City
Aug. 28, MON- 9 PM
Ticket price: Php 150
  1. Mayrics
1320 España St.
Sampaloc, Manila
(in front of University of Sto. Tomas)
Aug. 25, FRI- 930 PM
(Bands: Cherry Cornflakes, Kikomachine, The Ambassadors)
Ticket price: Php 150

  1. Saguijo
7612 Guijo St.
San Antonio Village
Aug. 23, WED- 11:30 PM. Sonic Boom event
(Urbandub, Dictalicense, The Dorques, Hilera, Angulo, Switch, Subsapular, The Ambassadors)
Ticket price: Php 150

Thursday, August 10, 2006












Friday, August 04, 2006

The Agressive Audio

Sidney Alburo - Mic, Acoustic Guitars, Agik-ik Eugene Corpin - Vocals, Taghoy, Inamaw, Pasi-aw, Latagaw, Prayer Randolf Silvano - Current Lead GUitarist, Pahiyum Joel Ablanque - Percussion, Drums, Relo, Tago sa tom-tom Vincent Ngalis - BAho de Arko, Baho, Baho, Baho Aggressive Audio started jamming together as early as the summer of 2000. The original band members were a bunch of altar boys and choir members in a parish in cebu.
The band’s primary influence are songs heard over the church and contemporary christian music,other of the band’s influence varies and is quite diffrent with each other’s interests but that what makes the band’s sound and feel includes the 80’s rock, the classics,Love songs, guitar instrumental, the blues, nu-metal, smooth jazz, etc. etc. Aggressive audio consider themselves as a jam band, and mainly considers the thought of playing by feel than by memory. MC Rey Nadela was also a choir in the same church the band was in, and Brownian Method was In full swing back then, he helped the band to perform at a yearly concert in Cebu which is called Yukbo: Ang Konsyierto for 3 consecutive years and bieng the live band for his songs instead of backing tracks played at some occasions.
The band would soon start playing numerous invites within cebu. Thay have also performed at YAMAHA recitals and performing as back-up bands for the recitalists and started playing at Kahayag Café around 2003. Then began writing some songs, “Don’t Ever” is marked as the 1st song composed by the band with the leading composer Eugene Corpin and Sidney Alburo. Since then the band has been composing songs and began writing Bisaya as the primary choice of words. Pwerteng Lingina was recorded last 2005 and released as an independent record which inclueds most of the overplayed Bisrock songs in Cebu like Senior Citizen, Lingin, Tangkong and Cok-kuto.
Currently, the band has been working on their follow-up album (independent), our preview tracks for that album and what you will be expecting from the band soon. Tracks include Feeling Lang, Adoloscence, Liar Evil and First Timer. Former guitar player Archie Uy will be producing the new record and at the same time (still) playing guitars for the next album with the current Aggressive Audio guitarist Randolf Silvano. Expect the album within this year with a full length release. This new album will be recorded at Backyard Project Studios and in Wisconsin, USA with the assistance and guidance of Kerryl Demetrio. Bisrock Rules! contact band manager by 09189079705, look for Ysai - -archie uy


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Faspitch Nearing the top 3 spots

Faspitch Nearing the top 3 spots

Great news so far for Faspitch! They are nearing the top 3 spots for
the World Battle of the Bands! Right now, we would like to thank
everybody who has been voting so far. And we would like to ask for
just that one extra push!

For those of you who don't know, Faspitch is one of the entries for
the World Battle of the Bands and they need your votes to get into the
finals that will be held in Hong Kong this year! Help the band
represent the Philippines in this rocking event!

Faspitch would love to represent the country and share their brand of
Philippine music with the world!

So vote for them now! It's simple:



Send to:


Remember, this is open to Smart Subscribers only! So if you don't
have a Smart simcard, tell a friend to vote for them or get yourself a
simcard too!

Thank you so much for the love and support you have given to the band
so far. We hope that we can send them off on a truly great adventure
for Cebu and the Philippines! Let's take them up to the top 3 today!

For information on Faspitch, please check out:

or join them on Yahoo:

Monday, July 24, 2006

Punk Rock Matinee

Punk Rock Matinee

Got this one from isda at Immortality forum. This will be held this 29th of July 2006 at the back of Gaisano Main.

Tickets are available only for 30php. Contact isda if you wanted to buy tickets.


Friday, July 21, 2006


one nite stand 2

JULY 22 Saturday
@ Wuzzzup Restobar
(escario, near SSS bldng.)


& more...

Gig starts at 8PM.
Tickets are for P60 with 1 free beer!


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Indephums and Missing Filemon Gigs

Indephums and Missing Filemon's Gig Sched
I am kinda expired to blog about bisrock nowadays. Some people are too ungrateful. Those people who don't like this blog can abscond this place in peace. I don't need any naggers here. Make your own blog and nag there. Don't shout in my shoutbox if you've nothing good to say. You are in my should be respectful enough. If you find this place awful then go away. Nobody needs you here. I hope I made myself clear.

Pax te cum and so long...


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Cooooolest Korn Vid...Bisrock Version

The Cooooolest Korn Vid...Bisrock Version
Ehmmn...what can I say? I guess this vid is very funny.
One of my officemates made the vid and my other

officemates are the friggin' rockstars...well, this is a MUST
see vid...


Here're some of the vidcaps for previewing purposes.
Enjoy mortals...hekhekhek...

You can download the video HERE...


Monday, July 17, 2006

Missing Filemon Vids

Missing Filemon Vids

These are video clips I bumped into when I was surfing for bisrock vids. I downloaded them and uploaded at savefile. You can download them by clicking the pics on the left side. They are clips of Englisera and Prinsipal Live @ Handuraw Cafe. For more sample bisrock mp3s and bisrock lyrics visit Immortality Forum.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sudden Change

Sudden Change

As of 9:35 this mornin' I decided to remove the links for downloadable bisrock songs due to some legal reasons...ehmmn...don't really have any bad intentions...a big apology for all the people who get mad because of what I did...


My fave bisrock songs

Senseless Song

Well, I really, really love this friggin' song from my fave bisrock band "The Ambassadors". Dunno why, but the message of its lyrics seems to laugh at me every time I sing it loud. Maybe it's because I'm very emotional and I always think that every emo stuff I see and hear is fuckin' related with my friggin' emotions. Well, it is actually "Forever", another song from that band that I first fell in love with. Someone close to my heart dedicated it to me.

Handuraw Cafe

Well, I'm kinda busy these past few days that I haven't had any time to drop by there. I really want to watch every bisrock gigs there but time is my worst enemy. I actually hope that the place will be renovated. I mean Handuraw's space seems to become smaller and smaller as bisrock followers increase in number. The cafe's management should consider a little renovation to accommodate the increasing number of bisrock fanatics who often hang out in there. Ehmmn...what else? For MP3 and Lyrics request don't hesitate to go to Immortality Forum.

Jah Bless!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Vote for URBANDUB on MTV Pilipinas 2006!

Vote for URBANDUB on MTV Pilipinas 2006!
Good news for all you Dubistas, loyal fans and new listeners of the Urbandub strain!
Urbandub has recently been nominated for a couple ofawards on MTV Pilipinas 2006!
MTV, the world's largest network and the country's favorite musicchannel, gathers its entire family together for the most excitingawards event of the year.
The most diverse group of artists comprises this year's crop of TheMTV Pilipinas Video Music Awards nominees. On August 14, the best andthe brightest of the past year's batch of musicians and music videomakers will be given due recognition, on a night filled with the mostthrilling surprises and performances never before seen in The MTVPilipinas Video Music Awards history.
We want you to cast your vote for URBANDUB!
URBANDUB is nominated for Favorite Rock Video for "First of Summer"and here is how to vote for that:
and send to 638 for Smart Subscribers
Send to 2219 for non-Smart Subscribers
URBANDUB has also been nominated for the Smart Hitmaker Award! Tovote for them in that category, do the following:
and send to 638 for Smart Subscribers
Send to 2219 for non-Smart Subscribers
It really is very simple! We hope that you will vote for URBANDUB forthese prestigious awards! Tell all the Dubistas, your friends,families and enemies today!
For more information on the MTV Pilipinas Awards 2006, check out thefollowing link:
The Ambassadors Gig
August 05, 2006 at University of Southern Philippines Lahug Campus
source: Mark Charles C. Tesch of Lighter Records

Monday, July 10, 2006

Ambassador's Newest Album and 2006 World Battle of the Bands (WBOB)

The Ambassadors set to release new album!

This just in! The Ambassadors are set to release a new album! That's
right, a whole new album with all new tracks and from what I have
gathered the album is in its final mixing stages at Zubu Recording
Studio in Cebu where it was recorded!

The album is so close to mass production already and The Ambassadors
are also juggling around with some names for it as well. They
actually have a name already but I can't say what it is until I get an
official response from the guys.

We will be releasing more details on the album and its launching in
the very near future so keep it logged here!

Vote for your champion in WBOB!

PULP, the Philippines' premiere rock magazine, is inviting you to
choose your champion for the 2006 World Battle of the Bands (WBOB)!

The bands on the list are: Sin, Death By Stereo, Greyhoundz,
Valley of Chrome, Kapatid, POINT CLICK KILL, Angulo and Maryzark.

Get your World Battle of the Bands 2006 Philippine Division
Compilation CD in the June-July issue of Pulp Magazine ABSOLUTELY
FREE, and get a chance to listen to never-been-heard tracks from the
best of the best.

It is really easy to start voting for your favorite band! All you
have to do is check out the following page and vote from there:

And you can also check the back panel of the CD packaging to find out
your favorite band's code name and text in your vote! Remember, when
you submit your vote, you will receive a notification on your mobile.
If you don't reply, no vote will be counted so make that vote count!
And if you download ringtones, wallpapers, etc., your chosen band
will earn more votes!

This is the opportunity of a lifetime for your favorite band to
represent the Philippines in the World Battle of the Bands! For more
information on the event, check out this link:

Vote now!

source: Mark Charles C. Tesch of Lighter Records

Friday, July 07, 2006

Urbandub Gig Sked July 2006!

Urbandub Gig Sked July 2006!
July 7 Friday Gweilos
July 11 Tuesday Metro Bar, QC
July 12 Wednesday Saguijo
July 13 Thursday Capones
July 14 Friday SM Southmall @ 5:30
July 14 Friday St. Scholastica @ 9pm
July 14 Friday Rockwell Loft @ 11pm
July 15 Saturday SM Marilao
visit Immortality Forum for mp3s and lyrics requests.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Faspitch and Urbandub

Faspitch airs on MYX Bandarito in July 2006!
Faspitch just arrived from a week long journey to the capital and they sure were busy!
They are home now and glad to be back.
Right now,
they are getting all prepped up for their next trip but details of that will follow later.

While the guys were in Manila, they were given the great opportunity to be taped on MYX Bandarito! The Faspitch episodes will be shown on the following dates so keep a note of this in
your calendars:

July 8 (premiere episode), Saturday, 3pm

Replays will be as follows:

Sunday @ 1:30 am and 5:30 pm
Tuesday @ 10 am
Wednesday @ 6:30 am
Thursday @ 10 pm
Saturday @ 7am

We really hope that you get to tune into MYX Bandarito on those dates
to watch an amazing performance from Faspitch!
Urbandub Awit Awards Performance on MTV!

Great news for all you loyal fans and Dubistas who watch MTV for more than the usual dose of local music!MTV will be airing Urbandubs Awit Awards 2006 performance on the following days:
July 6 @ 8pmJ
July 8 @ 4pm
We really hope that you can catch this very rare performance only on MTV on those dates!
Tell your friends and make sure to tune into MTV!
Salamat! Salamat!
Spread The Sound Of The South!

Mark Charles C. Tesch
Lighter Press & Records /
Moby: 09176236969

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Indephums was derived from the word "Indep" meaning Independent and "hums" meaning Humans.. We have choosen this name because we the four of us (ronan, ryan, renan, & ray) are independent humans. But manawag jud gahapon mig mama and papa oi. =)
The story of the Band:

one day isang araw usa ka adlaw, around at pardo cebu city. ronan (bass)was standing along the road, suddenly renan (gtars) & ryan (drums) saw ronan and approached him and ask him to form an alternative yet heavey rock band. then the story goes on, the first vocalist of the band was thomas. later, he left the band and brylle steps into the scene. the band decided to record compositions around august 2005.
September 30, 2005, there was this band compe in a certain mall in cebu city. in there the band met ray (vox) performing for his band hunchbox. later, the band decided to replace brylle for some private reasons.After that ronan contact ray and asks if he knows someone who could sing for indephums. Ray did audition at the band. after their first jam with ray, the band let him in. Now, indephums is concentrating on BisRock (bisaya rock) composition. Thanks sa mga banda nga nag-impluwensha sa indephums to do so.

Know more about Indephums. Visit their Site.


Friday, June 23, 2006

PLAN B: The Sonic Ambush!

Hey guys!We are up to doing it again! It's another sonic attack from the Giant South!
"Plan B: The Sonic Ambush" is set to land in Manila in June 2006 with Urbandub, The Ambassadors and Faspitch! Experience Plan B for a whole week as we rock out with some of the best musicians in your area! Plan B: The Sonic Ambush!
Here's the schedule: (Mark your calendars and tell your friends!)
June 24 Sat - Penguin Cafe, Malate
June 26 Mon - Kublai Bar, Katipunan
June 27 Tue - Mayrics, Espana
June 28 Wed - Metro Bar, West Avenue
June 29 Thu - Gweilos, Libis
June 30 Fri - Capones, Makati
July 01 Sat - 6 Underground, Makati
We hope to see you all there! This is a rare opportunity for you to see The Ambassadors, Faspitch and Urbandub just as they always do in Cebu! Share the stage with the South for a whole week!
Salamat! Salamat!
Spread The Sound Of The South!
It's Music You Can't Ignore!
Mark Charles C. TeschLighter Press & Recordsl /
Moby: 09176236969Multiply:

Monday, June 19, 2006

Gigs @ Club Vudu

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Urbandub’s New Video Out Now! and Faspitch CDs available on the Internet!

Urbandub’s New Video Out Now!

Great news for all you Dubistas and new fanatics out there! Urbandub has just released the video for their next single Endless, A Silent Whisper! Its off of their album EMBRACE under EMI Philippines.

This is a real treat because for those who had seen the First of Summer video, this is its continuation. Now, we all know that you all had questions about the FOS video and the answers are all found in the new video for Endless, A Silent Whisper. Let me give you a hint: If you all thought that the FOS video was a little too pretentious, it was meant to be! And the reality of Urbandubs message is found in the new video, so we all hope that you get to catch it on TV!

So far, MYX has been cool enough to air it on their station and they have been airing a special with an Urbandub interview as well as the two videos (First of Summer and Endless, A Silent Whisper) back to back! Stay tuned to the tube so that you can catch that!

Faspitch CDs available on the Internet!

Faspitchs debut album The Future of Ear Repair is now available through two sites on the Internet. As most of you know, you can grab a copy on and we encourage you to tell your friends outside of the country as well.

The Future of Ear Repair is also available on the CD Baby website ( For those of you who are having a difficult time getting the CD in record stores, these are online alternatives.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Faspitch Gigs

06/14/2006 08:00 PM
- Club Vudu with Techisoba vs Midi Ok!, Nyor and Pelican Street Crossroads, Cebu

06/21/2006 08:00 PM
- University of Cebu

06/22/2006 08:00 PM
- University of San Carlos

06/23/2006 08:00 PM
- University of San Jose Recoletos

06/24/2006 08:00 PM
- Penguin Café w/ Urbandub and The Ambassadors, Malate

06/27/2006 08:00 PM
- Mayrics w/ Urbandub and The Ambassadors, España

07/01/2006 08:00 PM
- Sat 6 Underground w/ Urbandub and The Ambassadors, Manila


All pics from their MySpace Account
Formed in 2000, Faspitch is an abstract-metal quintet and yet another addition to the ever-growing Sound Of The South. Prepared, focused and united, Faspitch offers a smorgasbord of metal crashes mixed with drum & bass and old-school grunge.

Perhaps it may be too difficult to box them into a particular category but Faspitch is not one to be easily described. The band is oftentimes mistaken to be a bit of everything that falls under the current listener trend. Faspitch, however, is a band to be experienced, not just heard. Off-stage, the guys are constantly hacking over ideas on how to change their sound. On-stage, the experiment takes place, their presence always leaving an audience gaping in wonder about what just happened.

For those who are not so familiar with the band, however, the band released their first single, Staying This Way on the airwaves, later following it up with A Day Before Pisces which is gaining more ground and building up their music / fan community. This is what prompted the band to take a step further in releasing a full-length album. They inked a deal with Lighter Records on April 1, 2005. Their second single is also available in the compilation FULL VOLUME, which was released by EMI Records and includes tracks from their label mates, Urbandub and The Ambassadors. Incidentally, some listeners may already know Russell Manaloto (lead guitarist), who was kind enough to lend his talent to Urbandub after John Dinopol's accident almost a year ago. Russell now has his full attention geared towards Faspitch.
Faspitch's goal is as typical as any other band's aim to take music to the next level. They do believe, however, that in order for their crash and grind formula to work, they have to work hard. Individually, they train themselves to concentrate more on their skills as musicians. This is made clear in their newly released, year-long project and debut album The Future Of Ear Repair which is available in selected places today. The album was launched in April 21, 2006 and their new single All Under Heaven is gaining more airplay on a nationwide scale. There are great expectations that the band is going to be something massive and that they are set to rock the scene. This is something that the band knows. And they do know one other thing: Faspitch is ready.

Join Faspitch mailing list at and post your comments, suggestions and violent reactions. :)

Genre: Metal/Rock/Experimental
Band Members:
Henry Allen (vocals)
Russell Manaloto (guitars)
Trick (guitars)
Trevor Bicknel (bass)
Pacco "Peekaboo" Manreal (drums)

For Bookings, contact:
Lighter Press
and Records Inc.
Alex "Phat Boy" Lim

Foo Fighters
Collective Soul

Record Label: Lighter Records
Type of Label: Indie