Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Faspitch: Handuraw's Artist Of The Month!

Faspitch: Handuraw's Artist Of The Month!

We are more than ecstatic to tell you that Faspitch has been chosen as Handuraw's Artist of the Month for December! This is quite an honor as they close off the great year of 2006!

We invite you all to celebrate this occasion with us on December 8 (Friday) 2006. Join us at Handuraw in Mabolo and witness excellent performances by: Still, Pelican Street, The Line Divides, The Ambassadors, Detached and Faspitch!

It'll only be Php120 to get in and I believe that comes with the usual beer or pizza, so come down and rock out with some of the best in Cebu!



Because of the uncivilized behavior of some of our fellow surfers I decided to turn off the shout box. Yes, you all have the rights to criticize...the only thing is you cannot do it here in my blog...because this is MY blog...I advice you to make your own anti-bisrock blog and shout there all stupid insults you could muster.