Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Indephums was derived from the word "Indep" meaning Independent and "hums" meaning Humans.. We have choosen this name because we the four of us (ronan, ryan, renan, & ray) are independent humans. But manawag jud gahapon mig mama and papa oi. =)
The story of the Band:

one day isang araw usa ka adlaw, around at pardo cebu city. ronan (bass)was standing along the road, suddenly renan (gtars) & ryan (drums) saw ronan and approached him and ask him to form an alternative yet heavey rock band. then the story goes on, the first vocalist of the band was thomas. later, he left the band and brylle steps into the scene. the band decided to record compositions around august 2005.
September 30, 2005, there was this band compe in a certain mall in cebu city. in there the band met ray (vox) performing for his band hunchbox. later, the band decided to replace brylle for some private reasons.After that ronan contact ray and asks if he knows someone who could sing for indephums. Ray did audition at the band. after their first jam with ray, the band let him in. Now, indephums is concentrating on BisRock (bisaya rock) composition. Thanks sa mga banda nga nag-impluwensha sa indephums to do so.

Know more about Indephums. Visit their Site.

source: http://www.indephums.tk/

Friday, June 23, 2006

PLAN B: The Sonic Ambush!

Hey guys!We are up to doing it again! It's another sonic attack from the Giant South!
"Plan B: The Sonic Ambush" is set to land in Manila in June 2006 with Urbandub, The Ambassadors and Faspitch! Experience Plan B for a whole week as we rock out with some of the best musicians in your area! Plan B: The Sonic Ambush!
Here's the schedule: (Mark your calendars and tell your friends!)
June 24 Sat - Penguin Cafe, Malate
June 26 Mon - Kublai Bar, Katipunan
June 27 Tue - Mayrics, Espana
June 28 Wed - Metro Bar, West Avenue
June 29 Thu - Gweilos, Libis
June 30 Fri - Capones, Makati
July 01 Sat - 6 Underground, Makati
We hope to see you all there! This is a rare opportunity for you to see The Ambassadors, Faspitch and Urbandub just as they always do in Cebu! Share the stage with the South for a whole week!
Salamat! Salamat!
Spread The Sound Of The South!
It's Music You Can't Ignore!
Mark Charles C. TeschLighter Press & Recordsl
ighterpress@gmail.com / lighterrecords@gmail.com
Moby: 09176236969Multiply: http://lighterrecords.multiply.com

Monday, June 19, 2006

Gigs @ Club Vudu

See the bigger pic by clicking it. For more info about this place visit this link... http://www.myspace.com/clubvudu

Friday, June 16, 2006

Urbandub’s New Video Out Now! and Faspitch CDs available on the Internet!

Urbandub’s New Video Out Now!

Great news for all you Dubistas and new fanatics out there! Urbandub has just released the video for their next single Endless, A Silent Whisper! Its off of their album EMBRACE under EMI Philippines.

This is a real treat because for those who had seen the First of Summer video, this is its continuation. Now, we all know that you all had questions about the FOS video and the answers are all found in the new video for Endless, A Silent Whisper. Let me give you a hint: If you all thought that the FOS video was a little too pretentious, it was meant to be! And the reality of Urbandubs message is found in the new video, so we all hope that you get to catch it on TV!

So far, MYX has been cool enough to air it on their station and they have been airing a special with an Urbandub interview as well as the two videos (First of Summer and Endless, A Silent Whisper) back to back! Stay tuned to the tube so that you can catch that!

Faspitch CDs available on the Internet!

Faspitchs debut album The Future of Ear Repair is now available through two sites on the Internet. As most of you know, you can grab a copy on www.indiecultureonline.com and we encourage you to tell your friends outside of the country as well.

The Future of Ear Repair is also available on the CD Baby website (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/faspitch). For those of you who are having a difficult time getting the CD in record stores, these are online alternatives.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Faspitch Gigs

06/14/2006 08:00 PM
- Club Vudu with Techisoba vs Midi Ok!, Nyor and Pelican Street Crossroads, Cebu

06/21/2006 08:00 PM
- University of Cebu

06/22/2006 08:00 PM
- University of San Carlos

06/23/2006 08:00 PM
- University of San Jose Recoletos

06/24/2006 08:00 PM
- Penguin Café w/ Urbandub and The Ambassadors, Malate

06/27/2006 08:00 PM
- Mayrics w/ Urbandub and The Ambassadors, España

07/01/2006 08:00 PM
- Sat 6 Underground w/ Urbandub and The Ambassadors, Manila


All pics from their MySpace Account
Formed in 2000, Faspitch is an abstract-metal quintet and yet another addition to the ever-growing Sound Of The South. Prepared, focused and united, Faspitch offers a smorgasbord of metal crashes mixed with drum & bass and old-school grunge.

Perhaps it may be too difficult to box them into a particular category but Faspitch is not one to be easily described. The band is oftentimes mistaken to be a bit of everything that falls under the current listener trend. Faspitch, however, is a band to be experienced, not just heard. Off-stage, the guys are constantly hacking over ideas on how to change their sound. On-stage, the experiment takes place, their presence always leaving an audience gaping in wonder about what just happened.

For those who are not so familiar with the band, however, the band released their first single, Staying This Way on the airwaves, later following it up with A Day Before Pisces which is gaining more ground and building up their music / fan community. This is what prompted the band to take a step further in releasing a full-length album. They inked a deal with Lighter Records on April 1, 2005. Their second single is also available in the compilation FULL VOLUME, which was released by EMI Records and includes tracks from their label mates, Urbandub and The Ambassadors. Incidentally, some listeners may already know Russell Manaloto (lead guitarist), who was kind enough to lend his talent to Urbandub after John Dinopol's accident almost a year ago. Russell now has his full attention geared towards Faspitch.
Faspitch's goal is as typical as any other band's aim to take music to the next level. They do believe, however, that in order for their crash and grind formula to work, they have to work hard. Individually, they train themselves to concentrate more on their skills as musicians. This is made clear in their newly released, year-long project and debut album The Future Of Ear Repair which is available in selected places today. The album was launched in April 21, 2006 and their new single All Under Heaven is gaining more airplay on a nationwide scale. There are great expectations that the band is going to be something massive and that they are set to rock the scene. This is something that the band knows. And they do know one other thing: Faspitch is ready.

Join Faspitch mailing list at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/faspitch and post your comments, suggestions and violent reactions. :)

Genre: Metal/Rock/Experimental
Band Members:
Henry Allen (vocals)
Russell Manaloto (guitars)
Trick (guitars)
Trevor Bicknel (bass)
Pacco "Peekaboo" Manreal (drums)

For Bookings, contact:
Lighter Press
and Records Inc.
Alex "Phat Boy" Lim

Foo Fighters
Collective Soul

Record Label: Lighter Records
Type of Label: Indie



Saturday, June 03, 2006

Urbandub Shows

06/09/2006 08:00 PM - SM Clark Pampanga
, Pampanga

06/13/2006 09:00 PM - Capones with Hale and Rivermaya
Makati, Makati, - Php200

06/14/2006 09:00 PM - Saguijo Makati
, Makati City, - Php120.00

06/15/2006 09:00 PM - Ateneo Event
To be announced, Quezon City

06/16/2006 09:00 PM - Kerplunk Anniversary
Saguijo , Makati City

06/17/2006 09:00 PM - Gweilos, Eastwood
Libis, Quezon City


source: http://myspace.com/urbandub


Pics: All are from their myspace account
The Sound Of The Giant South is gaining more recognition around the nation like never before. At the forefront of the whole movement is a band that has a record that surpasses most bands than that of the bands that have come out of the Queen City of Cebu. They are none other than Urbandub.

From the very first day that this band was formed (in the year 2000), they were destined to be something more than the ordinary. Forced to be independent due to the lack of support coming from major record companies, Urbandub released their debut album called BIRTH. Off of this album, the hit tracks "Come", "Give" and "Would You Go" launched and took their world by storm. Unique, timely and yet experimental, it was something that entertainment scenes around the Philippines needed: a kick start into the future of original music.

With the release of their sophomore effort, INFLUENCE (Lighter Records), Urbandub took on a new form, changing their sound with a new drummer (From Jed Honrado to Jerros Dolino). It was the sound in this album that clearly defined the steps that Urbandub would start to take. The track "Soul Searching" later won the award as Best Song of the Year in the NU107 Rock Awards 2003. Pushing the sound further, the collection bagged the Album Of The Year Award in the NU107 Rock Awards 2004.

Today, Urbandub now offers yet a third helping of what they are capable of. With the 2005 release of the album EMBRACE, Urbandub has proven that there is hope for the struggling artist. With help from their community and the noise they have created, they were able to grab the attention of EMI Music Philippines. Not one to take chances, the band has kept Lighter Records as their management arm and guide. In line with their ideals, EMI allowed them the creative freedom to record their album on their home soil of Cebu. Added to that, they have been able to maintain their independent principles while taking major steps into the scene that has awaited their new sound.

Urbandub is Gabby Alipe (Vocalist / Guitarist), Lalay Lim (Bassist), John Mendoza (Drummer) and John Dinopol (Lead Guitarist).

Urbandub s career thus far has given much inspiration and support to upcoming acts, most of which fall under the Lighter Records stable such as Faspitch, The Ambassadors, Still, Nuncyspungen (Cagayan) and Point Click Kill (Ilo Ilo). Each of them now aspire to take their own roads in music, paving their own way and modeling some of their steps after the success of Urbandub.

Band Website: urban-dub.tk
Genre: Rock / Alternative / Progressive
Band Members:

Gabby Alipe (voice, guitars)
John Dinopol (guitars)
Lalay Lim (bass)
John Mendoza (drums)

For Bookings, contact:
Lighter Press
and Records Inc.
Alex "Phat Boy" Lim

Record Label: Lighter Records / EMI Philippines
Type of Label: Indie

source: http://www.myspace.com/urbandub