Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Indephums was derived from the word "Indep" meaning Independent and "hums" meaning Humans.. We have choosen this name because we the four of us (ronan, ryan, renan, & ray) are independent humans. But manawag jud gahapon mig mama and papa oi. =)
The story of the Band:

one day isang araw usa ka adlaw, around at pardo cebu city. ronan (bass)was standing along the road, suddenly renan (gtars) & ryan (drums) saw ronan and approached him and ask him to form an alternative yet heavey rock band. then the story goes on, the first vocalist of the band was thomas. later, he left the band and brylle steps into the scene. the band decided to record compositions around august 2005.
September 30, 2005, there was this band compe in a certain mall in cebu city. in there the band met ray (vox) performing for his band hunchbox. later, the band decided to replace brylle for some private reasons.After that ronan contact ray and asks if he knows someone who could sing for indephums. Ray did audition at the band. after their first jam with ray, the band let him in. Now, indephums is concentrating on BisRock (bisaya rock) composition. Thanks sa mga banda nga nag-impluwensha sa indephums to do so.

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source: http://www.indephums.tk/