Friday, June 16, 2006

Urbandub’s New Video Out Now! and Faspitch CDs available on the Internet!

Urbandub’s New Video Out Now!

Great news for all you Dubistas and new fanatics out there! Urbandub has just released the video for their next single Endless, A Silent Whisper! Its off of their album EMBRACE under EMI Philippines.

This is a real treat because for those who had seen the First of Summer video, this is its continuation. Now, we all know that you all had questions about the FOS video and the answers are all found in the new video for Endless, A Silent Whisper. Let me give you a hint: If you all thought that the FOS video was a little too pretentious, it was meant to be! And the reality of Urbandubs message is found in the new video, so we all hope that you get to catch it on TV!

So far, MYX has been cool enough to air it on their station and they have been airing a special with an Urbandub interview as well as the two videos (First of Summer and Endless, A Silent Whisper) back to back! Stay tuned to the tube so that you can catch that!

Faspitch CDs available on the Internet!

Faspitchs debut album The Future of Ear Repair is now available through two sites on the Internet. As most of you know, you can grab a copy on and we encourage you to tell your friends outside of the country as well.

The Future of Ear Repair is also available on the CD Baby website ( For those of you who are having a difficult time getting the CD in record stores, these are online alternatives.