Sunday, July 16, 2006

My fave bisrock songs

Senseless Song

Well, I really, really love this friggin' song from my fave bisrock band "The Ambassadors". Dunno why, but the message of its lyrics seems to laugh at me every time I sing it loud. Maybe it's because I'm very emotional and I always think that every emo stuff I see and hear is fuckin' related with my friggin' emotions. Well, it is actually "Forever", another song from that band that I first fell in love with. Someone close to my heart dedicated it to me.

Handuraw Cafe

Well, I'm kinda busy these past few days that I haven't had any time to drop by there. I really want to watch every bisrock gigs there but time is my worst enemy. I actually hope that the place will be renovated. I mean Handuraw's space seems to become smaller and smaller as bisrock followers increase in number. The cafe's management should consider a little renovation to accommodate the increasing number of bisrock fanatics who often hang out in there. Ehmmn...what else? For MP3 and Lyrics request don't hesitate to go to Immortality Forum.

Jah Bless!