Monday, March 26, 2007

One Man Down

One Man Down is a work in progress of three musicians from the Queen City of the south. The band started out way back '97-98 and used to be known as Negative Ska. After getting support and recognition in the local punk scene the band decided to record their first album which was produced by Gumer of Happy Days. Unfortunately, the original drummer had to leave the band which put the Negative Ska album on hold indefinitely.

After a month in hiatus the band hired veteran Drummer Englebert (stickshift, 5 yr. suicide) and thus One Man Down was born. Armed with new songs injected with the metal roots and technical know-how of the new drummer, Heavier, more technical, more aggressive straight in your face combination of melodic punk, hardcore and ska. The trio is back with a vengeance. A new sound for the southern underground!

Band Members
Daryl: Guitars, Vox
Eng2x: Drums
Xtian: Bass

Suicide machines, Greenday, Authority Zero, Operation Ivy, Rancid, Alkaline trio, The Specials, The Chinkees, MxPx, Bad Religion, The Ramones, Rxbandits, Shrapnel, Left OF Center, The ambassadors, Six Flag Ahead, PipeBombLandMines, Faith no more, Skidrow, Megadeth, The Clash, Vision of Disorder

Type of Label: Indie