Monday, May 08, 2006

The Ambassadors

Note: The article below is from their Myspace Profile:
(Pics: still from last 21st of April @Handuraw Cafe)
Not new to the music scene, The Ambassadors proved that to exist and enjoy their place only takes patience, dedication and a whole lot of fun! With punk as the root of their lifestyle, The Ambassadors are serious and comedic. They are stoic and irreverent. They are "EXPN"; the ultimate adrenaline rush. Clean vocals (Iping) mixed with crunch-guitars and choir-like backing vocals (Bai & Mark) touched with a bassist (Joseph) who is one with the drummer's (Sua) complicated pounding of the drums, makes up this melodic-punk-unpredictable force. Their debut album, CHAOTIC WORLD (released 2000) hit notes like a brick wall of sincerity, honest to the core. Songs like “A Letter From A Friend”, “Stargazer” and “Times Like This” reflected the feelings of youth, growing up, and the need to escape the tension. It was optimistic and it still is music that cures. In their second and most recent album, SIMPLE CHANGES (re-released under Lighter Records on Oct 2004), the group matures with a more progressive attack on their music. Although punk’s influence identifies the bands sound the first time you hear it, you need to sit and listen closely to their more progressive arrangements. With songs like “Reason Out”, “Senseless Song” and “We Want Change”, The Ambassadors is at its peak for new and fresh experimentation, brave enough to twist and play around their influences.

Their purpose is clear: one-time experiences to help resolve all conflict in a society that repeats its mistakes time and again. They are raw, direct, energetic and powerful. The kind of band one hopes can be "made" again some day. Join The Ambassadors mailing list at and post your comments, suggestions and violent reactions. :)
Band Members
Iping Amores (vocals)
Bai Nunez (guitars, vocals)
Joseph Agura (bass)
Mark Padayao (guitars, vocals)
Dennis Suarez (drums)
The Cure,
Face to Face,
Rancid, Slickshoes
Record Label
Lighter Records
Type of Label