Thursday, May 18, 2006

Urbandub plays Cebu, SM IloIlo and SM Davao!

Just received this notice from Lighter Press a while ago...


Hey guys!

This just in and we are sorry for the short notice but we were rushed into it as well!
Urbandub will be playing at two SM concerts, one in IloIlo and one in Davao!
We are calling on all Dubistas in these places to join forces and enjoy the concert with Urbandub! Tell your friends and families too!

Anyway, Urbandub will be playing in IloIlo on May 18 (Friday) at SM IloIlo.
You know that the place is going to be rocked out!
On May 24, Urbandub will be playing at Club Vudu at The Crossroads in Cebu.
This is for the launch of Indie Nights.
On May 27, they will be playing at a gig in SM Davao!

The gigs will start at around 9pm at night and we hope to see you all there!
Thanks guys! Urbandub is excited to be playing in places in the South again! Kepp it logged in for more information on other gigs as well! We will be posting about the gigs as soon as we get confirmations as well!

Salamat! Salamat!
Spread The Sound Of The South!

Mark Charles C. TeschLighter Press & Records /
Moby: 09176236969