Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Baboy by Enchi

I don't know but this song is my most favorite among their songs...I really like it...hehehehe...I love it...I dunk it...I lick it...hehehehehe...here it is...

by Enchi

kung akoy mahimong baboy
ihikot sa inyong silong
kung aduna moy kaluoy
pakaon lamang ug tae

kung akoy mahimong tae
ipapilit sa inyong haligi
kung aduna moy kaluoy
ipakaon sa inyong baboy

kung wa nay baboy sa inyong silong
wa nay mokitkit
sa igit na mapilit sa inyong haligi

if im going to be a piggy
you tie me under the backyard
if you have mercy on me
you feed the shit to me

if im going to be a shit
in the post that's where i should stick
if you have mercy, mercy
you feed me to your piggy

if no more piggy
under the backyard
no one's going to eat
with the post stuck with shit
under the backyard


Gato-Chrome said...

Hahaha nice one dude. The lyrics is 100% accurate. I am not Bisaya but I do love this catchy song. I heard this from way back I think it was 2007. Rock on!