Friday, May 12, 2006

The Handuraw Cafe

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Imagining Handuraw
SunStar CebuWednesday, September 21, 2005(
Imagine a bar where dreadlocked rastafarians jam in the same space as head-banging metal rockers. Only in Cebu will you find such a place.
Hidden for more than a year now in the shadow of the more popular Kahayag Acoustic Café is Handuraw, named after an old Cebuano word meaning “the power to imagine”. Handuraw is literally behind Kahayag in the old Coaco building at M.J.Cuenco, Mabolo--just as cozy and artsy, with large paintings on the walls and potted plants in the corners, but with lots more room for conversation, or even several rounds of board games. But what makes Handuraw truly different from its sister café is in what you dare to imagine.

On weekdays, the family-owned Handuraw seems like a typical restaurant which offices or clubs can book for meetings, parties, or launchings. A room can be reserved for small-group seminars and workshops. The 24-hour internet café is conveniently available for business-related services like email, scanning or printing.

But on weekends, Handuraw takes on a totally different character. The small function room becomes a personal karaoke studio. The internet café becomes a network gaming center. The jamming studio beside it buzzes with one band after another practicing for gigs. Even the couch in the foyer becomes an alternative hang-out for spill-overs. And the Handuraw Learning and Leisure Café is transformed into the Handuraw Events Café.
Handuraw is the Cebuano word for "the power to imagine" is the first learning and leisure café in Cebu, combining business and entertainment facilities under one roof. Function rooms, a jamming studio, internet café, karaoke studio are some of the services available. Known for its great tasting thin crust pizzas, Handuraw can also serve as your exclusive party venue.
We are located at the Ground Floor Sea Orient (formerly COACO) Building, M.J. Cuenco Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City.
Call us at (032)


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