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Junior Kilat's Nationwide Fame

(All pics are from Junior Kilat's Myspace and Friendster Accounts)The moment I saw Budoy with the rest of the gang at SM last year during MTV's concert party I know it from my friggin' brain that their packin' band will make it...they will make it to the very top. Well, look at them now...ABS-CBN gives them unending appearances in their music shows, uncountable gigs all over the Philippines and millions of Bisdak err Filipino supporters and fans all over the archipelago. They made it and Kudos to Budoy, Jad, Diana, Cleofas, Bangin, Gina, Tiano and Arcie. We, Cebuanos are very proud of you...[Pakpak mga Bisaya!]

Anyways, here are some old articles about Junior Kilat...tantaran...

Jr. Kilat's signature number is titled "Original Sigbin," which means original Visayan, says Budoy. "Jr. Kilat is Jr. Kilat because of our Visayan lyrics, not necessarily Cebuano, because I sometimes use Waray."

In fact, Budoy traces his roots to Laoang, Northern Samar. One of his grade school teachers introduced him to the Waray traditions of luwa and siday. These are forms of improvised folk poetry performed during fiestas. As in the Tagalog balagtasan (poetry joust), a theme is chosen and the contestants improvise spoken or sung lyrics on the theme, much like the rap battles in "8 Mile," with the most eloquent and the wittiest winning the contest.

Given this background, Cebuano dub isn't that much of a stretch after all. "Of course, my lyrics are different because my environment is urban," says Budoy.

One song, "Hala Suyop," describes local shabu addicts who resort to selling off their household goods, including the LPG tank, for a fix. "They think they're being cool, but they're the victims," says Budoy. Unfortunately, this anti-drug song was widely misinterpreted and was actually banned in Dumaguete and Davao.


Music Makers : Cebu's Spokesman of Reggae
By Eric S. Caruncho
Philippine Daily Inquirer, Oct. 31, 2004
Jr.Kilat's Budoy is the worthy lieutenant of Papadom, and the band has among the most memorable and easily identifiable songs in Island Riddims: the first single culled off it, K-Fyne with its catchy Scooby-doobie-do and other playful Bisaya ramblings, and the humorous though somewhat homophobic Original Sigbin....

Dees riddims be islands
By Juaniyo Arcellana
The Philippine Star, October 17, 2004
The legendary Sigbin of Cebu’s lower mythology comes alive with the Philippines’ premiere in-your-face dub/reggae band Junior Kilat. Their debut album “Party Pipol Ur On Dub TV” from Galaxy Records brings to every island the fresh new flavor of a rarer style of reggae.

Junior Kilat releases 'Party Pipol Ur On Dub TV' Album
The Freeman, February 24, 2005



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