Monday, May 29, 2006

Missing Filemon

This pic is from their friendster account

Missing Filemon started in 2002, with Eimer Tabasa on drums, Arni Aclao on bass and Insoy Niñal on guitars and vocals. The trio joined the Cebu music scene via a route seldom taken by local bands, by using the Cebuano language in their lyrics. After they were formed, the band immediately went to the studio to record their materials and finished their self-titled album before the year ended. But after the album launching, the band disappeared from the scene. The band never issued official statements of the “breakup.” As silently as it disappeared, Missing Filemon returned in the early part of 2005 and highlighted the comeback with a series of gigs in Cebu and Mindanao. It took in two new members, Cocoy Hermoso of Beverage (guitars) and Ron Capio of Curious Blossoms (bass). Arni, after reuniting with his old band The Ire and having found a new passion in digital recording, decided to help Missing Filemon in the production aspect of the band’s second album.

Ehmmn...they have stickers for only 15 the link below to see the samples...
Sticker Design 1
Sticker Design 2

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